If you had a place of your own, what would it be?

Arts based healing and transformation workshops
and art exhibitions for women

Who Are We?


Art Exhibitions

A PLACE OF HER OWN™  is an ever expanding culturally driven, arts-based healing and transformative series of workshops and exhibitions designed to bring forth a woman’s powerful voice and presence into the world
4-6 month series of weekly workshops. By combining visual meditation, tending our chakras and intuitive art-making techniques, participants learn tools to release old patterns and habits, including their links to individual, family, cultural, and historical dysfunction.  Then using artistic and intuitive guided modalities, they define  and establish their wishes and dreams
Professionally curated, Award winning and juried, our  exhibitions feature the art works created by Residency participants, art instructors and alumnae all answering the question,
“If you had a place of your own, what would it be?”