A PLACE OF HER OWN (PLACE) is an art based healing program dedicated to fostering the long-term mental health and well-being of women.

Who is PLACE for?: Open to all women. Grown from an Asian American cultural perspective, we focus on women of color, but open to  all women seeking a new way forward.
 PLACE especially works for women that are ready to share their stories as part of their healing and transformation. 
No art experience necessary, just a big interest in creative learning, growing and participating.

Founder/Director: Cynthia Tom
Co-Workshop Leader: Maggie Yee
  BIOS of the Faculty and Advisors

​  2015 A PLACE OF HER OWN @SOMArts Cultural Center - Photo Cris Matos​​

A PLACE OF HER OWN™  is a culturally informed, arts-based healing and transformation 6 month program
 consisting of mostly weekly workshops, culminating in a professional art exhibition.

PLACE offers down to earth healing tools, that relieve stress while opening up our ability to access and trust our intuition. The work is designed to help release underlying patterns and old habits and their links to individual, family and cultural histories and patterns of dysfunction.

In order to thrive and take ownership of our life’s path, women must define what is important to them alone, practicing self love and self-care.

We hope to inspire everyone to think deeply about where they’ve been, who they want to become and what they need to do to get there.
Learn how to:
  • Explore and Name Your Hungry Ghosts: Deconstruct and analyze beliefs, boundaries and ancestral patterns that dictate(d) choices in our lives.

  • Release Your Hungry Ghosts: Using art to let go. Think critically about aspirations in order to make informed choices about your present and future life.

  • Re-Claim Your PLACE: Live in and trust our intuition. Create art reflective of your aspirations and share publicly.

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    A PLACE OF HER OWN Facilitators
  2. 2016 PLACE workshop session photo Reiko Fujii
    2016 PLACE workshop session photo Reiko Fujii