Exhibitions and Chronology
Art Exhibitions: Professionally curated, award winning exhibitions featuring art works created by PLACE participants, alumnae and instructors, answering the question, "If you had a place of your own, what would it be?"
PLACE provides a nurturing environment for deep experiential growth, for the women, their families, friends, and community. You will experience instant acknowledgement for sharing your stories and creative artworks, gaining an immediate sense of your powerful impact on others.

ARTWork photos , Exhibition art installation photos

Visitors are always invited to participate in a mini version of similar thought processes through self-guided stations.
*Beliefs That Hold You Back, *Family Patterns, *The Wishing Tree

2016 A PLACE OF HER OWN, Manilatown, photo by Lorenzo Angelo for APICC

2009 |  ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE, de Young Museum
San Francisco – Funded by California Arts Council (CAC) for PLACE, Cynthia Tom curated a month-long artist residency for the Asian American Women Artists Association (AAWAA) that launched the concept behind PLACE.

Artists: Terry Acebo Davis, Susan Almazol, Shari Arai Deboer, Machiko Kondo, Christina Mazza, Keiko Nelson, Lydia Nakashima Degarrod, Anh-Hoa Thi Nguyen, Anna XL Wong, Sue Tom, and Cynthia Tom

2010 | EXHIBITION, Driftwood Gallery
San Francisco – Funded by the San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC), AAWAA’s next PLACE exhibition was co-curated by Cynthia Tom and Kimi Taira. Asian Pacific Islander American (APIA) women artists ages 24 -79 years created art with fabric, wood, and baby jars.
Panel discussion with community partner: API Legal Outreach.
Artists: Shari Arai Deboer, Angie Chau, Nancy Hom, Isabelle Thuy Pelaud, Beverly Quintana, Solongo, Vivian Truong, Sue Tom, Irene Wibawa, Xiaojie Zheng


2011 | EXHIBITION, SOMArts Cultural Center
Community Partners: AAWAA and APICC
San Francisco – Funded by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), SOMArts, and the Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center (APICC), AAWAA’s PLACE exhibition was co-curated by Cynthia Tom and Kimi Taira, juried by Kim Anno, and featured the art of 25 APIA women artists

Artists: Susan Almazol, Arlene Biala, Shari Arai DeBoer, Cristal Fiel, Nancy Hom, Kay Kang, Elaine Gin Louie, Karen Llagas, Kelsay Myers, Kathy Fujii-Oka, Choppy Oshiro, Shizue Seigel, Pallavi Sharma, Judy Shintani, Cynthia Tom, Sue Tom, Elizabeth Travelslight, Vivian Truong, and Irene Wibawa, Xiaojie Zheng
Art Work Photos

2011 - 2012 | PLACE RESIDENCY, Workshop Series Pilot for Social Service Providers
The San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC) awarded AAWAA the “Arts and Community Innovative Partnerships (ACIP)” grant for Cynthia Tom to explore the possibility that the PLACE concept would be viable for non-artists. Cynthia and the PLACE faculty conducted a series of workshops for social service providers, which culminated in a moving art exhibit.
Faculty: Cynthia Tom, Khay Hembrador, Kelsay Myers, and Vivian Truong, with input from Dr. Trinity Ordona

2014 | PLACE RESIDENCY, Workshop Series Pilot 2 - Combining Meditation with Intuitive Art making
Cynthia Tom and Dr. Trinity Ordona joined pro bono forces, combining Cynthia’s Intuitive Arts for Healing program with Dr. Ordona’s Healing for CHANGE program to build PLACE as a strong, trauma-informed practice for healing and transformation. Several participants of this integrated series are now Art Facilitators for PLACE.

Artists:  Julie Anderson,  Manon Bogerd Wada, Anupama Chapagain, Reiko Fujii, Mido Lee, Khai Hoan Ngo, Tsering Yankey and Maggie Yee
Photo: Reiko Fujii

2014 | EXHIBITION, Thoreau Center for Sustainability
San Francisco – Cynthia Tom curated APIA artists in the culminating art exhibition from the PLACE RESIDENCY Workshop Series Pilot 2 with Colleen Quen, donor and community partner.
Artists from the pilot:  Julie Anderson,  Manon Bogerd Wada, Reiko Fujii, Mido Lee, Khai Hoan Ngo, Maggie Yee
PLACE Alumnae: Susan Almazol, Cristal Fiel, Rupi Kahlon, Elaine Gin Louie,  Isabelle Thuy Pelaud, Shiz Siegel, Sue Tom and Cindy Shih  
Art Work Photos

September 2014 - March 2015 | PLACE RESIDENCY, Workshop Series and Exhibition (Community Partner: Asian Women’s Shelter - Staff)
PLACE, in partnership with AAWAA, was awarded a second ACIP SFAC grant for PLACE with scholarships from the Pacific Asian American Women Bay Area Coalition (PAAWBAC) to host the staff of Asian Women’s Shelter and Women in the Helping Professions. Co-directed by Cynthia Tom and Dr. Trinity Ordona, a culminating art exhibition was co-curated and funded by Cynthia Tom and Maggie Yee.
·         Cynthia Tom and Trinity Ordona PhD - Co-Directors
·         Maggie Yee - Workshop Arts Facilitator and Art Exhibition Director
·         Khai Hoan Ngo - Art Therapy Associate, Workshop Arts Facilitator
·         Manon Bogerd Wada, Reiko Fujii, Julie Anderson, Irene Wibawa - Arts Making Consultants
·         Phuong Vuong: Administrative Coordinator
·         Mido Lee Productions: Documentation and Arts facilitator
·         Shari Arai Deboer: Budget and consultant
    Cris Matos: Installation, Photographer
    Brian Garvey: Installation
Art Work Photos
Artists' TALK

November - December 2015 | CURATORIAL AWARD EXHIBITION with Partners:  Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center (APICC) and SOMArts Cultural Center
Cynthia Tom was awarded the SOMArts Cultural Center's Curatorial Residency Award for A PLACE OF HER OWN, a competitive, year-long incubator for exhibition research, planning, installation, and realization. She curated 20 PLACE artists into this exhibition.
Co-curators and artists: Maggie Yee, Manon Bogerd Wada, Irene Wibawa, and Reiko Fujii
Cris Matos: Installation, Photographer, Brian Garvey: Installation
Artists: Susan Almazol, Sigi Arnejo, Nancy Arvold, Rachel Endoso, Evangeline Iyemura, Marlene Iyemura, Laura Ming Wong, Sujung Min/Mihyun Lee, Isabelle Thuy Pelaud, Natalie Sacramento, Dechen Tsering, Sue Tom, Hediana Utarti, Phuong Vuong, and Adrienne Yan
This show received the attention of local and  international press.
Artwork Photos
Opening Reception

January - June 2016 | PLACE RESIDENCY, Workshop Series, and Exhibition. Community Partner: Boys and Girls Club of S.F.
PLACE, in partnership with AAWAA, was awarded a third ACIP SFAC grant and a scholarship award from PAAWBAC for A PLACE OF HER OWN: An Arts & Healing Residency Workshop Series. Directed by Cynthia Tom, this series worked intimately with 7 artist and non-artists and culminated in an art exhibition at I-Hotel Manilatown Center in San Francisco. The exhibition was self-funded.
·         Cynthia Tom and Trinity Ordona PhD - Co-Directors
·         Maggie Yee - Workshop Arts Facilitator and Art Exhibition Co-Director
·         Nancy Arvold (therapist), Natallie Sacramento, Adrienne Yan- Workshop Arts Facilitator
·         Manon Bogerd Wada, Reiko Fujii - Arts Making Consultants
·         Reiko Fujii: Documentation and Arts facilitator
·         Shari Arai Deboer: Budget advisor and manager
    Cris Matos: Installation, Photographer
    Brian Garvey: Installation

Artists: Reiko Fujii, Tavi Baker, Angela Bau, Paz Zamora, Nancy Arvold, Adrienne Yan, Natalie Sacramento, Eunice Feng, Lisa Rodondi, Frances Cachapero, Sue Tom, and Irene Wibawa
Community Partner: Staff from Boys and Girls Club of SF
Guest Community Partners:  The Bhutanese/Nepali Women's Refugee Group. Worked with Cynthia Tom to realize their first group art work and artist presentation to share their trauma and their aspirations in an art exhibition.

ARTWork photos
Opening Reception photos
Exhibition Installation photos

J-SEI 1285 66th Street Emeryville, CA 94608
  Gallery Open:  Sundays and Saturdays 12 - 3 p.m.,

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 12, 2018, 2 – 5 p.m.
Artists' Talk: June 3, 2018 - 2 -4 p.m., Gallery Open 12 - 5 p.m.
*2018 workshop participants share their process behind the art.  See * artists’ list.
Closing Celebration: Sunday, June 24, 2018 12-3 pm, Gallery Open 12 - 3 pm

The public is invited to participate in self-guided art-making workstations during gallery hours.
Admission Free. Donations $10-$20 are appreciated. No one turned away for lack of funds
Artists: Nancy Arvold, *Julie Andersen, Angela Bau, *Frances Cachapero, *Norma Carrera, *Kristi Chan, Catherine Ceniza Choy, *Angie Dumagsa, *Elizabeth Esqueda, Reiko Fujii, *Ashleigh Heinichen, *Tomo Hirai, *Ahran Lee, *Grace Hwang Lynch, Lisa Rodondi, *Teresa Le Yung Ryan, Natalie Sacramento, Cynthia Tom, Sue Tom, Dechen Tsering,  Manon  Bogerd Wada, Irene Wibawa, Maggie Yee, *Patricia Zamora *Denotes artists presenting Artist Talk

Venue: J-SEI serves multigenerational , multi-ethnic families of elders  - encircled in community, care & culture whose vision provides a community center for all ages and generations to gather. This beautiful location is their headquarters.
Funders: Exhibition sponsored in part by California Arts Council, Do A Little, Zellerbach Family Foundation, the City of Emeryville.
Program workshops sponsored in part by San Francisco Arts Commission, Pacific Asian American Women Bay Area Coalition and individual donors.​
Community Partners:
AAWAA, Asian American Women Artists Association, Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco, Dogpatch Wine Works, Cynthia Tom Art|PLACE and J-SEI.

All photos by Cris Matos and Cyntha Tom unless noted otherwise.
2018 PLACE at J-SEI photo Cris Matos