Gallery Photos

2015 Aspirations on the Wishing Tree_photo Cris Matos

2015 PLACE Curatorial Award Exhibition at SOMArts Cultural Center, SF_photo Cris Matos

2016 Reiko Fujii, Curating Joy, Manilatown_ photo Reiko Fujii

2016 Reiko Fujii, Curating Joy, Manilatown_ photo Cynthia Tom

2015 Nancy Arvold, Community_photo Cris Matos

2016 Angela Bau- Suspension of Belief, Manilatown, SF-ph Cris Matos

2015 Maggie Yee, Studio Euphoria Under the Big Top_ Photo Reiko Fujii

2011 PLACE at SOMArts Cultural Center, SF_photo Cris Matos

2016 Art Instructor Manon Bogerd Wada works closely with Tavi Baker to create A PLACE art piece

2018 Metamorphosis of Superpowers, mixed media by Ahran Lee (Exhibition at J-SEI)
_ photo Cris Matos

2016 Tavi Baker during workshops_ photo Reiko Fujii

2014 PILOT workshop with future PLACE instructors_ Photo Mido Lee Productions

2011 Cristal Fiel, Paper Comforts Me- Letters to my Lola_photo Cris Matos

2016 Natalie Sacramento, Mirrors of Self Reflection, Manilatown, SF-ph Cris Matos

2016 Maggie Yee, Studio Euphoria, Manilatown SF_ photo Cynthia Tom

2018 PLACE workshops with community partner, Boys & Girls Clubs of SF, photo by Reiko Fujii

2014 Cynthia Tom, Atelier at Thoreau Center, SF_photo artist

2014 PILOT workshop, Trinity Ordona, Manon Bogerd Wada, Cynthia Tom, Khai Hoan Ngo-photo Reiko Fujii

2014-15 Asian Women's Shelter Cohort_Making the Art_ photo Reiko Fujii

2018 PLACE Cynthia Tom and Maggie Yee working on curriculm ,Sept 2017 phCris Matos

2010 Vivian Truong preparing for Driftwood Salon photo Cynthia Tom

2015 Isabelle Thuy Pelaud, Would I Have a Place of My Own-photo Cris Matos

2009 Lydia Nakashima Degarrod and Susan Almazol, de Young Museum Residency_ photo Cynthia Tom

2014-15 Aspirations workshop session, AWS cohort_photo Reiko Fujii

2014 Julie Anderson installing at Thoreau Center_photo Reiko Fujii

2016 PLACE Opening at Manilatown Heritage Center_photo Lorenzo for APICC

2014 Khai Hoan Ngo, Artist Talk at Thoreau Center photo Reiko Fujii

2011 Xiaojie Zheng creating Reconciliation for SOMArts Cultural Center_ photo artist

2011 Kelsay E. Myers and Noreen Myers installing at SOMArts Cultural Center_photo Cris Matos

2011 Shari Arai Deboer, Library of my Imagination, SOMArts-photo Cris Matos

2011 - Linn Chiu's Art Art Proposal, Social Service Pilot Program_ photo artist

2015 Irene Wibawa, Experiment D 2015_ photo  artist